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Midnight Kiss - Robyn Carr, Jean Brashear, Victoria Dahl This book was a surprise to me. While I love Robyn Carr and the Virgin River series (and was most excited to read her story), it was the other two stories that made this book a solid winner - and it even renewed my interest in Victoria Dahl.

Midnight Confessions by Robyn Carr (Virgin River) -- 2.5 stars.
Two people healing differently from broken engagements. While there were some cute moments, sadly it spends too much time analyzing the hero/heroines past relationships and so little on building their own. I normally just love the Virgin River series, but this one disappointed. Steam level: mild with kisses

Midnight Surrender by Jean Brashear -- 4.5 stars.
A new author for me, and while I didn't warm up to the heroine Jordon, I thought the hero Will Masterson was a perfect 10. He's an Irishman living in Texas, and the author did a great job with his sexy way of speaking. I would love to read more books with hero's like this guy! Will had me curling my toes with excitement. I just loved him! I didn't like her heroine, but the story had a 'real' feel to it so I understand why she made the heroine a bit snarky and cynical. I never even heard of this author before, but will check out her back-list. Steam level: Really warm

Midnight Assignment by Victoria Dahl -- 5 stars.
LOVED this one. A great unrequited love story with a really sexy hero and likable heroine. Victoria Dahl's story was a nice surprise considering I DNF'd one of her contemporaries and swore never to read her again. But this little story had me wishing it was a full book, so now I will read this author again. This was my favorite story in the book, I loved it. Steam level: Hot

Overall this book is well worth buying and reading. I got it as an ARC copy through Netgalley, but would have bought it just for the VR story. And while I didn't think the VR story was all that wonderful, the other two more than make this a must read for fans of contemporary romance anthologies.