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All She Wants For Christmas (Kent Brothers, #1) - Jaci Burton I read this as part of the anthology 'Naughty and Nice'.

Riley Jensen, a famous country western singer, returns to her small hometown against her wishes and reconnects with her ex Ethen Kent, who once broke her heart and later married her backstabbing best friend. Ethen feels terrible for all the wrongs he did Riley years ago. Now a widow with a young child, he finds himself reluctantly hanging with Riley again to please his daughter who is a big fan. Riley’s stage manager does some matchmaking by tempting Ethen and Zoey with backstage passes and front row access to her concerts. Riley would rather not be around Ethen, but sees this as an opportunity to finally ask the questions she should have asked ten years ago.

The story had its good moments, especially the cute little girl Zoey, but mostly it was a somber story that focused on the H/h’s past issues of hurt, betrayal, broken trust, lying, and dishonesty. It was an implausible story with very little romance, a few quick love scenes, and an ending that was less than convincing. I could not imagine that these two could forgive and forget all their problems in just a few days. It is not what I would call an uplifting holiday romance.