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Whisper Falls  - Toni Blake 4.5 stars. Whisper Falls is another great sizzling hot and steamy contemporary romance by Toni Blake. Really good!

In this story we meet Lucky Romo, Mike Romo’s little brother who has been missing for 16 years. The rumors say he joined a motorcycle club and delved in illegal activities, and many wondered if he was even still alive. For reasons the book will reveal, Lucky has no choice but to return to his old hometown and face the life he left behind. He buys a small house where he set up his custom motorcycle painting business, which happens to be next door to the very desirable – and all around good person – Tess Sheridan.

Lucky is a large biker guy with long hair and tattoos who instantly intimidates anyone he meets. He hasn’t been involved in the motorcycle club for many years now, but you can’t tell that by looking at him. When he encounters Tess, he finds himself oddly attracted to her despite her being so different from the biker chicks he usually meets. Their neighborly friendship builds until you can cut the sexual tension with a knife, but Lucky’s past life still haunts him so he needs to play it safe for Tess’s sake.

The story centers on Lucky’s mysterious dark past, the issues that caused him to leave home at 18, and the reason he must now return. Lucky has a heavy and dark back-story, but there were also plenty of lighter moments between Lucky and Tess that keep it balanced and entertaining. We also find out that Tess is dealing with the chronic inflammation illness Crohns disease, and I loved how Lucky wanted to take care of her when the disease flared. His nickname for her was ‘hot stuff’, and it just melted me whenever he used it.

My only issue with the story comes late in the book, and has to do with how quickly Lucky is able to overcome such a dark and sorted past, as well as deal with his current issues of reconnecting with his family. There were just too many issues for him to resolve, and too many people for him to (re)build relationships. As a result, some of the resolutions felt rushed and sugar coated. Fortunately, most of the story focused on Lucky and Tess’s relationship, which was amazing and HOT! But I may have preferred his back-story be less dramatic so the ending would feel more real, especially his reunion with his family. It did not always resonate as believable.

Overall, the story was an emotional roller coaster ride with sizzling chemistry between Lucky and Tess! I especially enjoyed how their different lifestyles ended up complimenting each others own personality. The real magic for this book is the romance story between Lucky and Tess, and for that I was a total believer and highly recommend it to fans of hot contemporary romances.