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Stranger - Zoe Archer Overall I thought it was enjoyable but I did start to struggle at around the halfway mark. I'd give it a 3.5 to 4 stars. I really missed the balance of reality vs. paranormal that the other books had. This one was pure over-the-top fantasy world like Alice in Wonderland or something along the lines of an acid trip, (i.e.,16-feet tall imaginary historical characters coming to life.) Nothing felt real about this story, so it wasn't what I was expecting or hoping. Also, didn't really love the relationship between Catullus and Gemma. A bit too syrupy sweet. And for three books now we hear all about his great inventions skill, so you would think we would see a lot of that in his book. But not much. A battle scene early in the book implies his ingenuity but we don't see much else. Still, the series rocked as a whole and I am a solid fan of Zoe Archer.