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Backstage Pass - Olivia Cunning A scorching hot erotica with a pretty good story too. I'll admit I skimmed over some of the sex scenes as not everything in this book is my 'thing', but overall this was a great romantic/erotica read with two wonderful lead characters that made me laugh so many times.

Brian really fit the mold of a rocker. He was more of a lover than a fighter kind of guy, and his charm and devotion to Myrna was hot. Although sometimes he was bit too 'beta' for my tastes (did he really say 'pwease'?) he did fit perfectly in the context of this story. Myrna is a closet rocker chick who dresses in prim suits, she has a PhD in sexual psychology, and is even a few years older than Brian. When he meets her its instant attraction, and he quickly realizes she is quite possibly his muse.

In my limited experience, it's a rare for an erotica book to have both a great story and sizzling hot sex scenes that don't feel cheesy or repetitive, but Olivia Cunning really pulled it off.