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Everyone Loves a Hero....and that's the problem - Marie Force Yikes. Wow, this was a disappointment. How to count the ways?! I really wanted to love this one, but that didn't happen. In short, this read like a bad B-grade TV movie. You know the type. It always starts with an entertaining idea, then the producers butcher it into something so lackluster and choppy you wonder why you sat through it.

Everyone Loves a Hero is a story of two people who fall madly in love at first sight, and the trials and tribulations that happen when said couple move waaaaaaaaaay too fast into a seriously committed and long distance relationship. And while it started with much potential and had some great one-liners, it quickly sank as the relationship went into nauseating overdrive and the romance turned into a dysfunctional relationship.

Cole is the famous Captain Incredible from Chicago, a co-pilot who landed a jet airliner in a blizzard while saving the pilot from a heart attack. He has met the President, made the cover of People magazine…etc. Moreover, he is an uber handsome chick-magnet that has no noticeable flaws. Seriously, he’s borderline perfect in every way. ( I think he may have been the inspiration for those ‘Porn for Women’ calendars that were so popular a few years ago.)

He meets Olivia at the airport when he tries to stop an unruly customer from verbally assaulting her at her store. He gets knocked out cold, then minutes later wakes to Olivia’s beautiful face, sparks flying, and little blue birds flying around her head. (OK, not really. No blue birds. I made that part up. But yes to the sparks.)

Olivia is a beautiful and highly insecure neurotic 27 y/o business student, she works part time at the Washington DC airport, and lives with Mom and Dad. And you guessed it, she is also a virgin. But it gets better. She is also an uber talented artist, but only her dad and a cousin know about her brilliant skill with pencil and paint.

When Cole and Olivia reunite weeks later (he was wheeled away in a stretcher so he didn’t get her number, but he thought about her constantly), he finds her sketching passengers in the airport lobby and convinces her she is wasting her time in business school. They make a first date that sets their relationship into serious overdrive, and unleashes all of Olivia’s pent up insecurities and neuroses.

Why is she so insecure you ask? Cole is hit on everywhere he goes. Women rudely dismiss Olivia, throw their phone number at him, and make suggestive sexual comments. He is always the gentleman and dismisses these ladies, but it gnaws on Olivia.

At times the relationship between Cole and Olivia was entertaining, and there were some great one liners between them and even a few hot sex scenes. But I never understood how he could fall for her. She was neurotic, needy and whiny. Her ‘woe-is-me’ bit got old FAST. In real life, these two would likely burn out the relationship in only a few weeks when reality checks in and replaces all those fantasy illusions they have of each other.

The sex scenes come every other chapter, on average. Some scenes felt mechanical, but others were hot as shy Olivia becomes quite the aggressor in their bed play. (This was another oddity to the story. But I get it. Sex sells.)

The rest of this book can essentially be summed up with the rinse and repeat cycle of: “I love you!” gushing, followed by the “I don’t trust you, how can I compete with the women and your fame!” angst, ending with the apologetic “the last thing in the world I want to do is hurt you”. Then the cycle repeats again with more “I love you” gushing. Over and over.

Seriously, most of their conversations are either him trying to convince her to trust him, or just gooey-smoochy lover talk. We also get a crazy ex-girlfriend who messes with Olivia (now that was funny!), and an eye-rolling trip to San Francisco where Olivia’s artistic dreams come true.

I had high hopes as many of my reading friends honestly enjoyed (if not loved) this book. I have also read great things about this author, so I was excited to read a book by her. This book did not work for me on many levels, but I will read the author again one day. Pinky swear.