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Angel's Rest - Emily March Meh. It was an interesting story, enough to want to finish it, but I never felt the town folks were all that interesting, and the romance between H/h wasn't all that romantic. I wasn't crazy about the ending either as it purposely doesn't wrap up a key storyline so you must read the next book to find those answers.

The hero, Gabe, I understood and felt remorse for him as he is a grieving widow, but that didn't mean I cared for him as a hero since he was such an ASS at times. I liked the heroine much better, especially her friendships with the town folks, but she was too selfless towards Gabe's machinations until the end. I was thrilled when she finally grew a stiff backbone against him and saw him for who and what he was. The steam level for the romance was mild/subtle.

And there were these tie-in characters and comments regarding her other series (Callahan Bros) that I never read, so I didn't understand those parts. There is a part where the town folks try to solve a 100 year old murder, and I have no idea if/how that tied-in with her other series, but it sure felt as if I was missing something there. Gabe's past has a direct tie-in to the Callahan's too, and again I am not sure how. Maybe he was a character in one of those books as it felt as if there was more to his story.

The series is based around the town of Eternity Springs, Colorado. From what I can gather, it is a place for lost and damaged souls to find peace and heal from past tragedies. There is a subtle implied mystical/magic about the town, but otherwise it's just a normal place.

What I did like was the heroine and her friendships with the town ladies. I'm considering reading the next book as I already have it, and reviews say it is much better.