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The Kiss - Sophia Nash Majorly dissapointed, as there are plenty of great reviews on this book. I got to just over 100 pages, but the main characters were just too silly for me to relate too, and the plot was just too unreal to sink into. The hero's daughter had a stuborn streak that was over-the-top - including when she insists on 'the kiss' as it was totally eye-rolling dialog. Plus we are suppose to believe that the heroine actually prefers working herself to exhaution, getting blisters, working the pigsty, ruining her clothing when she has a title and an estate to run, and plenty of help if only she would just accept it?????? And she is head-over-hills in love with a man she hasn't seen for 15 fricken years?! If this was a comedy I might buy it, but its not a comedy. Argh. couldn't finish. DNF.