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Holly Lane - Toni Blake 4+ stars.

Great holiday romance! Holly Lane is a good book for anyone wanting to get into the holiday mood. In addition to a great second-chance-at-love romance between Adam and Sue Ann, Toni Blake subtly (and cleverly) blends one of the great classic holiday stories -- ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Charles Dickens -- into a her own magical retelling. There was so much holiday cheer included with this story, I felt like I was watching a great Christmas movie mixed with a warm and sexy romance. Seriously, make some hot cocoa, toss your favorite holiday throw over your lap, light the fire or some candles, turn on some old holiday music in the back ground, and then snuggle up with this book.

So what is a girl to do when she might be falling in love with her
ex-husbands best friend? And what is a guy to do when his friend’s ex-wife is driving him mad with desire? And why does it keep snowing every time they are alone?

Sue Ann’s world has been spinning ever since her husband left six month earlier for another woman. On top of that, the ex has been shamelessly parading the new lover all over town. Now she’s a single mom looking for work, and the last thing she needs is anything else making it more complicated. She needs a break and decides to rent a cozy little cabin just for herself while the ex has their daughter.

Nice-guy Adam has been just miserable since his crazy ex-wife’s family took the only thing he cares about – his seven year old twin sons – away for a month long ski vacation over the holidays. He’s making everyone around him just miserable too, so he is looking forward to spending time alone in the cabin her rents every year. That is until Both Sue Ann and Adam find themselves together by double booking the same cabin during a terrible snow storm.

Adam and Sue Ann begin a steamy affair that quickly becomes far deeper, but their lives are just too complicated for a relationship. There are deep trust issues to work out, urgent personal matters to attend to, and their once simple life is now moving so fast its hard to catch their breath. But in small town Destiny, they simply can’t avoid each other.

I honestly loved this book, and I think Adam was one of the best hero characters in the Destiny series so far. LOVED him! What a great guy. He isn’t a perfect kind of guy. He made mistakes in his last marriage that he still struggles with, and he even has a short temper, but he would go to the ends of the earth for Sue Ann and her daughter.

Sue Ann was also great in her own way, and made a fiercely protective mother, but I did get frustrated with her too. In the beginning it made perfect sense to keep her relationship with Adam as platonic as possible, but I found her pushing him away less and less convincing as the story unfolded. But when she was with Adam, I loved her.

The story was holding a high 4.5-5 star rating for me up until the very end. Sigh. I was on such a high at this point, but the ending was a bit too farcical for my tastes. I thought Adam and Sue Ann deserved a bit better resolution. (Don’t worry, there was a great HEA!) I also would have liked it if some of what happened at the very end happened a bit earlier in the story, but I was still pleased as punch to see it all happen.

Over all, the story was fun, sexy and laced with great holiday cheer. I highly recommend it to fans of the Destiny series or fans of holiday romances.

I got this book as an ARC copy provided by the Author and Netgalley.com.