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The Viper - Monica McCarty Very good. Wow, once again the author has written a story where the H/h are up against the most impossible odds.

Viper and Isabella are both tortured souls, so if you like the tortured soul trope you'll get double your pleasure with this story. Times were very hard in those days, war or not. But fighting enemies and being captured means making impossible decisions that risks your life and others.

Isabella is a true character in history who crowned Robert Bruce, making him King of Scotland and a greater foe to the English King Edward. In this embellished telling she is a mother of an 11 y/o daughter who she was forced to abandon, then later captured by the English. Isabella's quest for freedom and to reunite with her daughter is the cornerstone of this story. Lachlan/Viper (also an embellished true character in history) never forgets her, and finally wins her freedom by helping her escape. But Viper does not trust Isabella, despite his intense attraction to her. His first wife betrayed him and nearly cost him his life, and then lost her own life as a result of her actions.

While this may not be my favorite story in the series, it was still a great read. In places I thought their lusting for each other was ill timed considering their initial anger with each other and their tortured state. And Isabella bordered on the TSTL a few times, although for quite understandable reasons. On the plus side, I have to say that the steamy scenes were excellent. I loved how they flowed within the story and were not just intermission breaks that could be skimmed over. Hot! I'm now looking forward to Saints story!! This is one of my favorite series.