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In Bed with a Highlander - Maya Banks What a great start to a highlander series! I’ll be honest, until now I instantly dismissed any Maya Banks book. After reading, (and not really liking), her erotic ménage book ‘Colters’ Woman’ a few years ago, I just knew she wasn’t an author for me. But, never say never, right? Right. Despite so many of my online friends repeatedly saying her new series are great, that they are nothing like her earlier erotica stuff, I still held off reading them. But I love a good steamy highland novel, so last week I finally cracked and read this one. Wow, I so enjoyed it! I just picked up the rest of this series. It feels kind of odd to consider Maya Banks as a ‘must read author’, but that now seems to be the case. I’ll also have to try her KGI series too.

In Bed with a Highlander was a fast paced story where the heroine, Mairin, is the main pawn in a game of power, greed and revenge. After spending year in hiding for her own protection, she is kidnapped by a fierce enemy who plans to wed her for her massive dowry and land rights. After a grueling escape, she is taken to safety where she meets Ewan McCabe, laird of the McCabe clan. Knowing she must wed to protect herself and her land, Ewan seems like the right choice.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit. The romance was passionate, sexy and always center to the story, while the action kept me guessing and guessing. There were several ‘OMG, how are they going to get out of that?!’ moments. The end was a bit rushed, but it worked for me. We meet Ewen’s two brothers in the story, and I look forward to reading the Alaric’s story next. I agree with many reviewers who said if you like the old Julie Garwood highlander historicals, you will enjoy this series.