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Be Mine Tonight - Kathryn Smith This book read much more like a typical regency historical romance, even though it was written in Victorian times (1899) and had a vampire. The book was good, but if you are looking for a dark, edgy, sensual story about an underworld of vampires and creatures that go bump in the night, then pass on this book. What this book delivers is a tender romance between a man and a woman, whereas the man is cursed with immortality, drinks human blood and has lived in solitude for the last 600 years unsure if he is a monstor or creation of God. We learn about his background, how he became a vampire by drinking from Unholy Grail, but this isn't a story about vampires and an underworld of good vs. evil. That may evolve in later books in this series, but you don't see much here. It's a typical 'Bob meets Jane' love story, whereas he likes her, she likes him, but he has a secret which means he doesn't think he is good enough for her. She works to convince him he is a good man, and presto they are in love. there is also the issue with her dying and his decision to help her or not. (sorry, that ending was too predictable, but it added some needed emotion to the love story.) I can certainly see why there are fans of this book and series, as it was well written and the base plot good. For me it was just OK as a romance, and a small let down for a paranormal.