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The Price of Pleasure - Connie Mason What I liked...The plot was very interesting, better than many books I've read recently. The heroine is a spy known as a black widow who has helped several men escapes the terrible prisons of France. She rescues our hero, and a long and believable 'get to know you before sex' relationship evolves. Eventually the story takes us back to England, where they try to find who is a traiter and trying to kill them.

What I didn't like... The bad guy was obvious, which is OK, but it was upsetting that our smart hero was clueless in guessing who was trying to kill him. I wanted to scream "Come on, duh!" It was the only part of the plot that had a flaw. Secondly, the sex scenes were a bit cold and just copies of each other. There must have been a good 8-10 sex scenes, but they were exactly the same each time. Nothing really spicy or flirty or risky ever happens in bed, just mechanical sex (mostly anyway). I'd rather one really good passionate sex scene than a handful of boring ones.