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Sweet Reward - Christy Reece I'm so sad this series is over!! Nooooo!!!

This was a GREAT opposites-attract, steamy, HOT romance suspense. Jared and Mia may be my favorite couple yet in the series. Their chemistry was just off the charts fun and HOT. He is a serious minded, stoic man of few words, while she is a bubbly, talkative and genuinely happy person with an infectious laugh. Talk about opposites! Initially he finds her reckless and incompetent, but as they work closely together to catch a baby-snatching bad guy, she proves herself every bit as strong and capable as him. This story had a great mix of suspense, humor, heat and nail biting action.

Sweet Reward was a great ending to a fun, sexy romance suspense series. I enjoyed every book, ever character, and will really miss these guys. Reece is one of my few auto-buy authors, and this book kept her firmly on that short list. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!!