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A Most Dangerous Lady - Elizabeth Moss A velvet-snouted creature?! Snicker. I actually did enjoy this sexy novella quite a bit, but I had to laugh at the term ‘velvet-snouted creature’ as it’s a new one for me. And I thought I’d read them all!

OK, now back to the story. For several years there has been talk of the 'petticoat gang', a gang of women that capture men and leave them in embarrassing situations, i.e. naked out on the street...etc. But Lord Randall firmly believes that is just a tale, concocted by men so they did not have to admit their actual activities of the evening. Then to his chagrin, he finds himself captured by a beautiful masked blonde lady wearing snug fitting breaches, and her allure may be his undoing.

Lady Caroline is not really the shy, demure and dowdy heiress as she lets the world believe. After Lord Randall declined to offer marriage to her years earlier, she decided marriage was not for her. But with his latest public taunt that the petticoat gang could not be real since women were solidly incapable of such strength and skill, she decides to prove him wrong.

This short 40-50 page story spins a sexy encounter between a captive and his masked capture, and offers up just enough spice to satisfy those looking for a quick steamy historical read. The ending was completely predictable, but who cares? I downloaded this one for free, so the price was well worth it.