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My Lord Raven (The Ravensmoor Saga #1) - Tamela Quijas Very romantic! And surprisingly steamy. My Lord Raven is a modern day Cinderella style fairytale of fated lovers destined to reunite. Dante Burroughs, the Earl of Ravensmoor, and Kate, his new American secretary, have a connection that goes soul deep. Set in the countryside of England, this story spun a great tale of destined lovers trying to break a curse two centuries old.

Shocked to be confronted with the woman who haunted his dreams his entire adult life, Dante sets his plan into motion to bring her to England. Kate is instantly drawn to Dante, but realizes she is far beneath his station. While Dante recognized Kate to be his destiny, the relationship builds slowly as they spend time together.

There was a strong connection between these two that became palpable. And just when I thought this was going to be a G-rated book, the steam kicked in ... and kicked in... and wow, KICKED IN. The first kiss came midway through the story, but let me go on record as saying it may be the most passionate, toe-curling first kiss I can remember reading. The buildup and tension went on for pages, and the anticipation of their first kiss was near electric. The sex scenes were equally well done. They were so passionate, tender, and emotional mixed with a lot of hottness! I would love me my own Dante!
“You're the echo of my soul, Ravensmoor that I am,” he rasped. “You're the very reason behind my existence, Kate.”

The only part of the story that I struggled with was the the curse itself. The way it's explained left me confused about all the Earls that came before Dante who apparently also suffered from the same dreams. I also had issue with how long Dante kept the information from Kate. There is a point in the story where it should have been obvious to him to give her at least some basic information about the original woman who set the curse into motion. So while I really enjoyed the whole romantic fated-souls aspect of the curse, I didn't feel the curse itself was well explained.

The ending gave way to a surprising twist in the story, which was good as I felt it was becoming predictable at that point. Overall, this was a great read. It reminded me a good steamy historical romance, albeit this one is set in modern times. I guess with all the mention of royalty, titles and the visits the English country side, it felt like I'm in a historical. The writing was poetic and enchanting, the romance was quite passionate, and the steam level was right up my ally.