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Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward I am not into vampire or paranormal books normally, but I do love a great spicy romance, especially if the hero is the alpha-male type. This book delivered such an enjoyable read! After all the rave reviews, I finally started with book 1 to see what the hype was. I almost didn't pick up book 2, but now I am certain I will read everything in this series. I have even gotten past all the silly names, which drove me nuts when reading book 1.

I will say there were some brief parts of this book that I thought were a bit cheesy or were simply too far-fetched, but for most of the book I was drawn deep into this story. I actually shed some tears toward the end, and I am now part way through book 3 and loving it.

These books are written soap opera style, where the romance is front and center but there are several sub-stories going on at the same time. These books can be read out of order, but I have no doubt they will make more sense and be more enjoyable if read in order.