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Highland Outlaw - Monica McCarty I loved this story of Patrick MacGregor and Elizabeth Campbell. Great adventure and intrigue, plus an emotionally charged romance. The dilemma these two faced was not small by any means, as both are from a clan of sworn enemies. Whew!!

Campbell's and MacGregor's are sworn enemies due to a situation that happened long ago - the clan supported the wrong King during a time of royal challenge. (sorry, can't remember the names of the men fighting to be king.) When the new king took the thrown, he did not forget how the MacGregors supported his rival and thus made them suffer. The MacGregor's were eventually wrongfully accused of great crimes and then forced off of their land to become outlaws hunted like wild animals. For them their biggest sins are those required to survive. However, over time the animosity between these two clans bred horrible behavior on both sides including rape, wrongful accusations, and betrayal resulting in more death. Neither clan is without their dark sins and black hearts, but among these clans are men and woman seeking justice and peace. The MacGregor's want their land back so they can return peacefully. Patrick, the Laird of clan MacGregor, poses as Patrick Murray in the attempt to woo Elizabeth Campbell into marriage as her dowry now includes the MacGregor land. This is supposed to be a peaceful solution, although it means deceiving Elizabeth. Overall, a small sacrifice for the sake of peace. His seduction of his hopefully bride wasn't faked as he very much cared for Lizzy (and what a sweet seduction it was!) However, with rogue members from both clans stirring up more problems - the situation between Patrick and Elizabeth escalates to heart-pounding action and tear jerker moments!! Wow, a really good Highlander action romance.

The timeline of this story takes place much along the same timeline of the first book in this series, so it was interesting to see some of the events happen from a different view. It clearly expands on what we learned in book one, so far that reason alone I would suggest reading these books in order. However, it could very much be read as a stand-alone.