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Blue-Eyed Devil - Lisa Kleypas I am not always the easiest critic for Lisa Kleypas books, but I will admit when one just works extremely well. And this one was great. What I think I loved the most about this series, and especially about Hardy and Haven's story in BED, is that Kleypas has found a way to break the predictable romance novel mold and deliver a fresh story telling style. It really is original, at least to me, and I loved it.

I have read most of her historicals, so her historical fans should beware that she has stepped into a new writing style with these great contemporaries. There is a bit, and only a bit, of 'chick lit' styling in them, as we learn much more about the heroine's full life than what is typical in a straight romance. If you can deal with a more serious non-fluff topic in your romance, but not so deep to be depressing or distracting, I really recommend this book (and series.) Kleypas does deliver a yummy and sexy alpha male (OMG is he sexy!), and a heroine to relate to and love. And with no TSTL moments, not even one!

So what didn't I like about this book? Well, not a lot actually. It was hard for me to get used to the first-person dialog, but I couldn't imagine this series any other way now. I am glad I read Sugar Daddy first so I better understood Hardy's character, but for those who have yet to read Sugar Daddy know that this is a stand-alone book and can be read in any order.

Overall, a great contemporary romance read with a great couple, a compelling story, and a sexy as all get out relationship.