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Letters to a Secret Lover - Toni Blake Great book. I really enjoyed this one, and there is so much to like about this book. For me I think the best part of this book is how well the author gives the town and the characters a real three-dimensional feel. The hero/heroine (Rob and Lindsey) were so likable and great together. Lindsey is a city girl who loves fashion, but I was very happy that the author didn't turn her into a twit. She is grounded, smart and very funny. Rob is yummy on a stick. He writes letters to someone named "Gina", and I LOVED how this really helped us see who he really is as a person despite his outward persona of a reclusive non-sociable person. The romance between Rob and Lindsey was amazingly hot and very believable. They build a real friendship too, which really added a lot to this book. I can't recommend it enough to fans who love steamy contemporary romances.