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The Proposition - Judith Ivory This is a book I could just re-read over, and over. I've now read it three times, and I think I enjoy it more each time. It's hard to imagine that a 'rat catcher' could be one of the greatest fictional heroes in romance land, but that is what Judith Ivory has created with the lovable and cantankerous Mick.

This is a wonderful variation on the "My Fair Lady" theme but with a twist. In this version it is the hero, not the heroine, in need of a make over to present them self to proper society. Edwina (Winnie) is not the typical romance heroine either. She is a blue stocking well on the shelf, and while most men consider her plain on the eyes, to Mick she is beautiful in ways he can't explain. He is obsessed with her long legs, which is just a delicious part of the story.

The chemistry between Mick and Winnie is so thick you could cut it with a knife. Their budding relationship is tending, volatile, and passionate.

When twin brothers wager if Mick could be reformed, Mick reluctantly agrees to allow Winnie to tutor him in order to win a large sum of money. In time we learn the twins are not what they appear to be, but a bet is a bet.

I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a well crafted romance novel. This one is a classic, full of whit, humor, heat, heart, and passion.