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The Indiscretion - Judith Ivory This story was a nice twist to the typical historical romance novel based around London's royalty crowd. In this novel, Sam, a rich and politically well-connected American "Cowboy" falls for Lydia, a sheltered daughter of a Viscount. They find themselves in a desperate survival situation, where they are lost and alone in the wilderness for several days. Sam is a great romantic hero. He is rough around the edges, speaks his mind regardless of who gets offended, and overall the most loyal and trustworthy person to know. His sexual passion is just as raw, which I certainly enjoyed reading. (Blush). Lydia was likable, but later in the book she started to drive me nuts. Her character was likable, especially as she matures, and you will understand what Sam see's in her. Sam really made this book for me. The story of their survival was also quite interesting.