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Never Love a Highlander - Maya Banks Sigh. I devoured this series. It was the best kind of romance candy. The kind with hot highlanders, steamy sex, fierce battle scenes, feisty women, impossible odds, high stakes, and teary moments. While each book had a different hero/heroine, the trilogy had an underlying story as the McCabes prepared for war against their fierce enemy Duncan Cameron. I loved how the brothers were always main characters in each story, and how the heroines became important to the clans survival. While you could read the books out of order, I recommend that you don't.

In the first book In Bed with a Highlander, the romance was of enemies-to-lovers, and in the second book,Seduction of a Highland Lass, it burned hot and fast. In Never Love a Highlander, the romance was slow and snuck-up on them as it built over time. Two strangers find themselves wed in a marriage of necessity, not of love, to unites two clans and build an alliance strong enough to defeat a looming war. Love was never important to either of them, their marriage was simply just an arrangement of necessity.

Betrayed by the woman he loved eight years earlier, Caelen did not trust himself to love again. He was the hardest and coldest of the three brothers, devoted only to duty and family. Rionna McDonald is the daughter of a neighboring laird, and has been betrothed (or nearly betrothed) to all three of the McCabe brothers. If Caelen doesn't marry her, the humiliation would be too much. She is not a typical well mannered and dainty lass, but one who enjoys wearing trews and wielding a sword. Caelen doesn't know what to make of her ways, and tries to get her to be more feminine in both behavior and appearance. And now that Caelen is Laird of McDonald's clan, he has much to prove to gain the trust and loyalty of his people.

The war with Duncan Cameron gets closer, and the brothers come together for the ultimate and final battle scene. I couldn't guess how the final battle was going to unfold, but I enjoyed it immensely. A fitting ending! I'm sad the trilogy is over, but I look forward to more books by this author. I do hope she writes more highlander historicals some day.