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Desire Me Only - Thea Devine 2.5 stars. I can see some people finding this book quite enjoyable, but I can also see many people being very surprised at what this book is NOT. In short, it is NOT a romance love story. At least, not in the way most historical romances are written - even sexy ones. Throughout the book our hero/heroine (Justin and Diandra) have a love/hate relationship, which is far more hate than love. At night they let themselves get immersed into a private sexual underworld, where they experience pure physical pleasure with each other. The sex scenes were written a bit sketchy, but they were sexy. This isn't the steamiest book I've read, but it has some steam. During the day they go on as if their sexual escupades never happened, and they bicker and snicker like an old married couple. There were no romantic jestures or wooing of any kind. Just secret hot sex in the middle of the night. The rest of the story was interesting, so it had some redeeming qualities. The books plot includes a rather interesting mystery of women dying, ghosts spooking, tables levitating, and Ouija boards appearing out of thin air. We are challenged to wonder if these events are real or staged. In the end I didn't really care about our hero and heroine, and I have a hard time believing they would really get a "happily every after", so this one was not a winner.