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Nickolas - Kathi S. Barton 3.5 stars. This was a fast paced and angsty adventure romance with a good dose of steam, but also a bit over the top in the 'drama' department. I would have enjoyed it much more if I didn't find myself so frustrated with several of the characters through much of the book.

Nickolas was leery about Morgan, and I understood his hesitation with her, but as their 'relationship' progressed I felt he hung onto his distrust too long. We just didn't see a likable side of Nickolas enough for my tastes.

The mother was just a complaining and manipulative wind bag most of the time, although she did have her sons best interest in mind and often was the smartest one in the room. Go figure. I wish we could have seen a more likable side to her too.

Morgan ended up being a very enjoyable heroine, and WOW did she have some hard luck. She deserved an HEA like crazy. I did think they made a good couple in the end, and despite all of their fighting I did believe they could really have an HEA. I may continue with the series. We met his sexy brothers, and several of them really peeked my interests.