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A Pirate's Pleasure - Heather Graham 2.5 -- This book is the classic example of an 80's romance novel with plenty of over-the-top action and cheesy romance dialogue. I can see why there are big fans of this book as the story is not meant to be taken seriously. It was a fun rompt story that never let up from the action.

My only big complaint was the heroine, as she got on my nerves. She fought, complained and put herself in danger non-stop! She pulls so many stupid decisions, all in the name of keeping the story action packed, but it was too much. This story would have been much better if only the heroine showed a bit of common sence.

There was a point where the hero slaps her down, something I should be appalled by, but oddly found myself cheering him on. How messed up is that? How the great Pirate hero falls for her was a mystery to me. I don't think 80 style romances are for me.