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Just Dare Me... - Stephanie Bond Just Dare Me... is a story of an office romance between Dell and Gabrielle, two marketing account managers who vie for the same major sporting good account. In order to decide who will get the account (and to make sure HR doesn't think the boss is favoring Dell), they are told to spend a long weekend competing in a survival wilderness contest where the winner gets the account.

At first it appears to be a very uneven competition that favors Dell, but Gabrielle is determined. The author really does her magic here, and it becomes a very entertaining story of wits vs. brawn. And will vs. luck. And privileged vs. unprivileged.

This was a fun read, and not at all predictable. And it was sexy hot too. Dell and Gabby made a great couple. I prefer romance novels where the sex scenes include passion, (instead of sex just for the sake of having sex), and this book delivers that very well. The ending could have been a bit stronger as it was quite rushed, but it didn't take away from how much I enjoyed it. As Blaze books go, this one was great. The audio version was a great way to 'read' this story.

4.5 stars