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Ex, Why, And Me - Susanna Carr The premise of this story is good, but the delivery was not there. There was too little romance, not enough background about our couple, way too much about a stupid and poorly planned scavenger hunt, and a very anti-climatic ending.

As a former Miss Horseradish Queen, our heroine Michelle is asked to return to her small hometown to help out with the annual Horseradish festival. She finds herself entered in a "couples only" scavenger hunt, but needs a partner. Ryan, the man Michelle lost her virginity to years earlier in a horrible one night stand, finds himself volunteering to be her partner for the hunt. His goal is to apologies about their horrible one night of love making years earlier, and make up for his past mistake by taking her to bed once again.

Ryan has to be one of the most unappealing heroes I've read in a romance novel in years. He is a highly unmotivated slacker type, still works at his first and only job at mom and dad's bowling alley (and I imagine still lives with mom & dad too), he doesn't have an athletic bone in his body (but yet some how has the body of a star athlete), and he doesn't have much of romance life except some long ago past reputation of being a great lover. He is afraid of heights (wimpy), and doesn't know how to be charming or sexy. His character was not well developed at all. We never learn much about him, not even his age.

Michelle is just annoying, she is either complaining about EVERYTHING or she is harping like a motivational speaker trying to get Ryan to believe in himself. Bottom line, I didn't feel these two were likable leads for a romance novel, and they didn't work as a couple. The ending was disappointing and rushed. Very anti-climatic. Their second chance of love making was about as disappointing as their first - not very hot at all. And for this author, that is surprising. I would not recommend this book, but would highly recommend her other book "Lip Lock". I loved that book. What a difference this book was from that one!!