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Edge of Midnight - Leslie Tentler 4.5 stars. A great chilling romantic suspense, and an author to watch.

Edge of Midnight is for romance fans who like their stories with a good dose of nail biting suspense, a strong emotionally charged romance between the H/h, and a great deal of attention to the details.

Crime reporter Mia Hale escaped the evil hands of a serial killer, but she has no memory of what happened. Special agent Eric Macfarlane with the FBI enlists her help to find the man that is kidnapping and torturing women before dumping their dead bodies.

This is the kind of story that just sucks you in as you try to figure out what happened to Mia, what will she remember, and how are they ever going to find enough clues to bring down the serial killer? Nail biting stuff! The story spends a lot of time piecing together the evidence as well as building a profile for the killer. We also learn that Eric has deep personal ties to the serial killer, and that Mia’s abduction may not have been random at all.

Edge of Midnight was a great balance of romance and suspense. Eric and Mia’s attraction and eventual relationship was well blended into the suspense part of the story. This is the best kind of romance suspense (IMHO). It is a multilayer story where more and more stuff gets revealed as we read on, has a believable romance with passion and steam, plus a great ending that wasn’t overly predictable. I read this one out of order, and had no problem what so ever. This is a great author, I can't wait to read what she writes next.

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