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Tangled Up In You - Rachel Gibson 4.5 stars. Tangled Up In You is the story of Mick and Maddie, which takes place in Truly, Idaho, the fictional town from the book "Truly Madly Yours". (It is now seven years later, and yes, we get a sneak peak into the lives of Nick and Delany!)

Maddie shows up in town to write the story of a murder / suicide that took place 29 years earlier. Mick is the owner of two bars in town and a former helicopter pilot for the military, and not the least bit happy that the desirable Maddie is un-earthing the story of his parents' death. But she is unlike any woman he has ever met, and they find themselves drawn to each other despite the obstacle of her book.

Maddie is a great heroine. I just loved her outlook on life, her sense of humor, and even her obsession with over indulging in "hedonistic" desires such as carbs, cheesecake, scented lotions and, uhm, sex. Mick is a classic Rachel Gibson hero. He's a bit rugged, handsome as sin, and pursues his heroine in a way that just make your knees weak! Together, these two really steam up the pages. This is definitely one hot and sexy book, and the passion scenes are very well done.

There was a bit of a mystery to the story, but it is not a "who did it?" story. The romance is the main focus of the story, which was great. There were a few minor parts of the story that bothered me, but they were minor. The biggest one being Meg, Mick's sister. I just didn't get her. I am just glad she wasn't in the story all that much. She remains "damaged" from her parents death, which makes you want to scream GET OVER IT!!

The ending was also wrapped up a bit to neatly. Without spoiling anything, all I will say is that I would have liked to see more emotion on both their parts given what happens prior. In short, I can't help but feel that Maddie would have made Mick work much harder for the happily-ever-after. But that goes to show just how much I connected with the hero and heroine. By the end of the book, they felt real and very three-dimensional. A great contemporary romance read with plenty of yummy steam.