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Forged in Fire - Trish McCallan A fast action romance suspense, impressive for a debut. I think fans of Catherine Mann or Nina Bruhn will especially enjoy.

Albeit a highly implausible story, it was entertaining! Lt Commander Zane Winters has a history of seeing visions of events to come. Though they are never clear and detailed, they are always accurate. So when he gets flashes of danger on the airline him and his SEAL team 7 buddies are about to board in 90 minutes, they all know to take him seriously. But just as they are putting a plan into action, a shiver of awareness hits Zane square on. The woman meant for him (aka ‘mine, mine, mine!) has just walked into the flight lounge area. What he doesn’t know is that Beth is there to find him too.

Beth has been having dreams over the last 24 hours, and much of it is coming true. A warehouse fire…etc. really happened, which means the terrorist who plan to take down a flight from Seattle to Hawaii and divert it to South America will likely come true too. In her dream she sees Zane and his two officers, so out of desperation she goes to the airport in hopes these men are real and can help.

What unfolds is a fast action cat-and-mouse chase, plenty of thrill and bloody action, and finally a nice hot steamy closet scene with Zane and Beth. The timeline is a quick one day, but given the context of the story it felt believable. We meet many interesting characters, and have to guess who is the bad guy. Typical, yes, but still fun.

While there are PNR elements in the story (psychic visions…etc.) it is not a PNR. You are just going to have to go with it or you’ll never make it through the story. I especially liked how the author used their special gifts at the end of the story, no matter how implausible it really is. It was about the entertainment value, not the realism.

Several reviews have eluded to the cliff hanger ending, and while it does have one I saw it more as a setup for the next book. (At least, I assume it’s a setup otherwise it really was a crazy ending.) I don’t doubt Zane and Beth get their HEA, so that is not a worry. I didn’t feel cheated one bit by the ending, so don’t let it stop you from reading it.