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Fallen - J.   Mann This ended up being a great little urban fantasy thriller tale of good vs. evil set in an old dark and mysterious little town in the Montana mountains. It had some fantastic world building, great writing, and some very interesting characters, but don't expect a steamy romance. At least not yet. This story read more like a prequel, so I hope there is more to come!

Something is not right in the small town Nathan calls home. A former minister who believes God is to blame for his woes, he is still mourning the tragic and sudden loss of his dead wife and unborn child a few years ago. But today he is experiencing strange phenomenons and occurrences wherever he goes. Swarms of crows are showing up everywhere, plus other odd occurrences and strange behavior among the town folks.

Trying to make sense of what is happening to the town, he finds himself at the center of it all. Unbeknown to him, he was born a nephilim -- a son of a fallen angel.

In the midst of the chaos raining on the small town are two opposite women pulling for his attention. There is Rachel, a sweet innocent single lady who bakes and would make the perfect wife for Nathan. And then there is Eva, a mysterious beauty who rides a motorcycle, dresses in black leather, and makes Nathan desire her like he's never desired another woman.

As I said earlier, this particular story is not a romance. It's more of a prequel, so I sure hope there is more to come. I tried to find more info on the authors web site, but I couldn't find anything. This may be a stand-alone book, who knows.

If the series continues, and I hope it does, there is a strong potential of this UF thriller/mystery turning into steamy romance. Nathan and Eva are meant to be together, they are soul mates from the same dark world so their story could still be told. I do hope the author writes more of this series as she created a fascinating urban fantasy dark world that I'd love to explore further.