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If You Desire - Kresley Cole If You Desire is the sequel to If You Dare, one of my all time favorite romance novels. This is Hugh's story, one of Courtland's brothers who we met in If You Dare. (Ethan will get his own story in If You Deceive.) The background to this series is a Scottish family curse that prevents these three yummy alpha-male brothers from ultimately finding true love. Or does it?

Hugh is summonsed to London to ultimately protect Jane, a woman who he aches for but hasn't seen in ten years, from a man who wants revenge from her father. Hugh and Jane were once quite close, and Jane thought they were to marry. Then Hugh disappears breaking her heart. She is frustrated to no end when she finally sees him again. After a brief re-introduction with unexpected results (I wont spoil this, but will say it sets the tone for the rest of the book) Hugh whisks Jane away to safety, or so they believe.

This was a fun, sexy read. Jane made a great heroine, and no doubt fans will love her. She is a smart, warm-hearted woman that knows how to have fun. She was such a fun tease to Hugh too! I would have to say she was the best part of this book, hands down.

My problem with the book lies more with Hugh. I felt he was too much of an opposite for Jane. He spent much of his time rejecting Jane and brooding. It got old, and I never felt his passion for Jane to the same level she desired him. I felt his desperation and his angst, but not his passion. I love the alpha-male hero, but Hugh was too serious and lacked that naughty humor which most romance novel alpha-males have. In the end, this book just didn't have the same level of steam I am used to from Kresley Cole. Oh, there is plenty of hot scenes but they just were not as steamy as I have come to know from her books. But overall, this is a very enjoyable romance with a fun and sexy adventure story.

Here is a fun tidbit (and NO spoilers): After reading If You Desire, I realized that all three of these stories happen much along the same time line. If you read If You Dare and the teaser chapter for If You Deceive, you can see some parallels in the stories that happen at the same place and time - just from a different vantage point. I loved this writing style, and now I can't wait for Ethan's book as you can really see where his story begins. Kresley Cole uses this writing style in her After Dark series too. Her books are all stand alone, but it does make it fun to see a familiar scene unfold from a different angle.