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Deadly Fall (The 19th Precinct, #1) - Ann Bruce Deadly Fall started off with a thrilling chase scene in which detective Nick Markov and his partner witness the brutal murder of millionaire Andrew (Drew) Langan. Top of the suspect list is soon to be ex-wife Augusta Langan, a beautiful art history professor at NYU. But Nick doesn’t believe for one second she is guilty, and works to prove her innocence.

The suspense thickens when another body is found, directly connected to Drew’s murder. Not sure if she can trust Nick, Augusta agrees to work with the detective to bring down Drew’s murderer. But when Augusta’s life is threatened, Nick assigns himself as her personal protector.

I really enjoyed the suspense aspect of this book quite a bit. It was well plotted and kept me guessing, which I love in a suspense novel. It moved fast, and provided many unforeseen twists in the story. The conclusion was well done, I didn’t see it coming.

However, the romance aspect of this book was a bit underwhelming. Don’t get me wrong, I liked Nick and Augusta a lot, they were great characters individually. They were smart, professional characters with great heads on their shoulder. No TSTL moments….etc. And there were a few really good steamy moments too. My main issue was the romance progressed at such an unnatural rapid fire pace it was jarring. They barely knew each other before they were getting physical, and after just a few days they began to act as if they knew each other their entire lives. I simply didn’t buy it. I think the author could have made me more of a believer if she toned down all the ‘insta-lust’ and ‘insta-hard ons’ moments, especially toward the beginning.

Spoiler #1 The scene where they get hot and heavy in the interrogation room almost had me DNFing the book. She went from mad as hell to horny as hell on a dime, wrapping her legs around a perfect stranger like a love starved teenager, then back to mad as hell. I felt the characters we met in the rest of the book were too smart to act this way.

Spoiler #2 The ending where they mutually agree to have sex without protection was a big eye roller for me.

My other issue was the highly inappropriate nature of their relationship. He’s the detective on a highly publicized murder case where she is a top suspect, and yet he remained on the case while making no effort to hide the fact he started having a physical relationship with Augusta within hours of meeting her. I had a really hard time accepting this part of the story, but maybe that’s just me.

In the end I had some real mixed feelings about this book. On one hand, the suspense was great and I enjoyed it a lot! The suspense building was well done, the plot was tight, and I think the author had me suspecting darn near everyone by the end of the book. On the other hand, the romance was not a ‘sigh worthy’ one. The chemistry was too off for me, and I was not convinced this was a relationship that could really last. But there were some good steamy scenes thrown in if you can look past the superficial nature of the romance. I’m glad I didn’t DNF this one, but I did come close a time or two.

Side Note:
The battle of the romance covers! No, this is not the sequel to Forged in Fire, but it is another fairly good romance suspense novel with a good dose of steam. (I got a big chuckle out of the matching covers, I read FIF last week. I guess this cover design works!)

Deadly Fall ~vs~ Forged in Fire