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Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison Such mixed feelings!! Sigh. I’m still a fan of the series as I LOVE the world building, but I was a wee bit disappointed in the romance part of Storm’s Heart.

3.5 - 4 stars.

Short summary:
Niniane/tricks inherited the Dark Fae throne and now someone is out to stop her from becoming the Queen. When she goes missing, Wyr sentinel Tiago volunteers to find the spry little fae.

My Thoughts:
In truth this was better than I hoped and it started off great, but once the romance took off I found myself slowly not caring. It became harder to stick with the story toward the end.

Tiago and Tricks started out with a great deal of tension between them and I loved how protective he was of her, but then they turned into a sappy couple which ultimately didn’t work well for me. I had high hopes for these two characters as individually they were such interesting and fun people full of life and pithy comments. But toward the end, I just wanted to slap Tricks for all of her over thinking, and slap Tiago for turning into her doormat. I can’t imagine him truly being happy in his new life, which is partly why I had issues believing in this couple.

The story read more like a suspense than a romance, so we spend a great deal of time trying to guess who wants to kill Tricks. This part of the story was well done, and the end surprising. For the romance, Tiago essentially claims Tricks. It was romantic, but then instantly they are now a devoted couple. The rest of their romance is focused on should-they or should-they-not mate for eternity. It didn’t feel much of a mystery to me as we know darn well they will, and I didn't really see the obstacles they supposedly saw.

Despite not loving Tiago and Tricks, I absolutely loved the world building and think this series has such great potential. There are some great characters I want to see more of. One of the reasons I have trouble getting into many PNR series is I find too many flaws with the world building, but in this series it all fits. You can tell it is well thought out and plotted, and for that I look forward to more in this series.