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Prince Charming - Gaelen Foley The entire series was great, and I highly recommend reading all of them in order. (They can be read out of order, but the conclusion of this third book felt more like a conclusion to the entire series, not just the book, so that is why I recommend reading the books in order.) I think this book was my favorite of the three.

The story is pure fun and fantasy, and takes place on the make believe isle of Asencion. It's fast paced and very sexy. Before Prince Rafe finds himself in charge of the kingdom when the King leaves the island for a few months, he apprehends the notorious and well loved Masked Rider. A Robin Hood type hero, the MR steals from the pompous rich and gives to the deserving poor.

After realizing the Masked Rider is a feisty woman who stirs his blood like no other, Rafe uses his new found authority to save her from the gallows and demand she becomes his wife. Rafe soon learns that things are easier said than done, and leading a kingdom proves to be full of challenges for our dear hero.

There are murder plots, power struggles, and humorous exploits abound. Rafe's character evolves into a true hero, one any princess-to-be would be proud to call husband. A great series.