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Mockingjay - Suzanne  Collins Finished this for the second time, and while I liked it more this time around as I can see more details and better understand the plotting, it still fell a bit short for me in some areas.

This conclusion to the excellent books The Hunger Games and Catching Fire ends with the final battle between the Capital and the districts, lead by district 13. Katniss assumes the role as the Mockingjay, a symbolic icon meant to liberate the Capitol and give meaning to their cause.

I loved the conclusion to the war, and I think its by far the best part of the book. There were a lot of surprises and twists, and it comes with some devastating costs. I cried at some of the war scenes, wishing for a rewrite, but realizing this is portraying war in all its reality.

The love triangle between Gale and Peeta was probably my least favorite part of the book. I realize this isn't a romance story, but I had trouble believing Katniss could still be so indifferent after several years of this. I finally thought both guys were too good for her and should move on.

Katniss was a hit/miss for me in this book. I loved her in the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, but here she is portrayed to be more selfish and aloof. She border lined on TSTL a few times, which drove me nuts.

The first time I read it I wasn't so sure I liked how district 13 is portrayed, but this time around I get it. I think it the book ended on a great note, but so much of it is off screen since this series is told through Katniss's POV. That worked great in the first two books, but having this kind of story told from a single POV limited it for the reader. Many of the characters we came to love get lost to us (or their final story is less than we would like!) because Katniss wasn't always around to show us what happens to them all.

Overall though, this was a great read and I enjoyed the conclusion to the series.