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Fifty-one Shades: A Parody (First Three Chapters) - Andrew Shaffer This book was PRICELESS!! Well, actually it was FREE, but my time is not free, and reading this was time well spent!

This is a hilarious short read. Thanks GR friends for the recommendation. While I have not read the Fifty Shades series which this book parodies, I have read Twilight and saw some connections to that book. I think I even saw a small parody of Steve Jobs when Anna asks the bazillionaire Gray about being adopted. In truth, you don't need to read either to enjoy the crazy humor. It really stands on its own!

Some fav quotes:
“I’ll have an, uh... Earl Grey tea.”

He looks shocked. “You don’t want coffee?”

“I drink coffee sometimes, but Starbucks’ coffee tastes like burnt ass,” I say.

“Actually, it tastes nothing like burnt ass, Anna.”

Now it’s my turn to be shocked. “And how would you know what burnt ass tastes like?”

He laughs. “That’s for me to know...and you to find out.”
“How do you know all of this?”

He pulls his Blackberry out, opens an app, and pushes the device across the table to me. It’s opened to the “White tea” entry in Wikipedia. I read a few lines, and realize he just quoted the article word-for-word to me. “You just copied Wikipedia! Even I know not to do that,” I say. “My professors tell us that all the time.”

“Your professors are idiots, Anna,” he says.

“So you weren’t just reciting this article word-for-word?"

“Who do you think wrote the article, Anna?”

Woah. This guy writes for the Internet!
you have a philosophy of business?”

“No man is an island,” he says. “Islands are made of dirt and rocks and trees. I don’t know any people made of such things. Therefore, people are not islands.”

Wow. Was this hot guy a philosophy major in college?

By the way, the author's website says this will be an ongoing series and he will write and publish more every few days. As of now, he has only written a parody of the first three chapters, but it looks like we will get plenty more. Oh, I hope he does! The humor is wicked funny, and the dirty parts just plentiful enough to keep me re-reading the good parts.