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Lover Reborn - J.R Ward I'm all over the map on this one. I'm so mixed with thought! Glad I read it, can't wait for the next, but why or why or why...

Possible Spoilers ahead

Mostly, I'm just not sure if I really bought the Tohr and No'One/Autumn's romance. And I honestly liked Wellsie more than No'One, so I'm not sure Tohr is going to be as happy. I did believe he finally let Wellsie go, and I LOVED how he healed physically and began to believe there is something to live for. But it felt dirtied by the affair with No'One. It came across as a rebound romance and not a 'true love' romance. And I thought his 'I love you' moment was weak, contrived and a bit out of the dark. Didn't see it coming! I didn't really feel him falling in LOVE with No'One, but I did feel him form a friendly friends-with-benefits connection. In the end I assumed she would take 'girlfriend' status, so I was surprised he lets the readers know he plans to make her his Shellan too. (Hey, why no proposal?!)

The Spring/Summer/Winter/Fall - loved it! This series was really starting to challenge me as I've been reading it since 2005, yet it's only a few years later at the start of book 10. I was thrilled this book showed a full year span of their lives.

The John/Xhex storyline upset me, but it always upsets me when an author takes a couple who already earned their HEA than tosses a ton of problems their way. I'm not a big fan of the second-HEA for romance couples. I also can't believe the John/Xhex I saw fall madly in love in Lover Mine would allow their relationship to go so cold for so long just days after their own mating ceremony. These are two of my favorite characters, so I was selfishly glad to see so much of them in this book. I just wish it would have been under better circumstances.

The Xcor and Band of Bastards storyline has me very intriguing! Wow, Xcor is going to be a hard guy to redeem (I assume Ward plans to make him a hero is a future book). Now that story I'd love to read, especially if his mated one will be who I think it is.

Wrath. I just hope the next book explains what the King was doing over the last year to win the Glymera's allegiance, as we have no real clue what he was doing. A full year of Xcor on his ass threatening the throne, yet we really didn't see much more than 'look for that riffle'.

Blay/Quinn/Sexton. Sigh. What a tangled mess they have woven for themselves. Oh, I can't wait for their story now.

Overall I really liked this one, and so glad I read it! After the last two books I questioned if I'd continue with the series, but after this one I have no doubt I'll continue for at least one more.