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Barefoot in the Sand - Roxanne St. Claire A quick light read that won’t tax your thought processes, which is great for an easy beach read. This had a chick-lit feel to it, especially in the beginning as so much is about Lacey and her friends, life, dreams…etc., but in the end it does pull out a good romance story too.

There were some enjoyable parts of this book, but unfortunately they were too far and few between for my liking. I would have liked more humor and more focus on the romance with Clay. I felt he got washed away with too many other side stories, especially in the first half. I would have also liked a few less implausible moments. My disbelief can only stretch so far, and at times this story took it took the max ‘stretch’ level. Overall I did enjoy it, but it was easy to put down.

I got this as an ARC copy from Netgalley for review.