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Thief - Ava March A great short m/m historical romance with some hot steamy parts, but best of all a touching and heartfelt romance.

Ben had never had a male lover before and wants to understand once and for all if he really is attracted to men. In fantasy, yes. In reality? He didn't know. Shortly after meeting at a gambling club frequented by men seeking men, they begin what should have been a one night only affair.

One night together turned into another, but Cavin's secret life as a thief keeps him from returning to Ben again. Ashamed of who he has become for the sake of survival, Cavin decides to put his criminal life behind him but finds it very difficult. Meanwhile, Ben longs for more of Cavin.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, and it had the right amount of steam for me! It was sensual, steamy and heartfelt. I connected with Ben and Cavin, and was so happy they found each other. Two very likable and deserving guys. Cavin and Ben come from two very different worlds, but together they were very much alike in their desires.

My only quiver comes toward the end, it was a bit of stretch for me, but since this wasn't an m/f historical romance one couldn't expect these two to end with a similar type ending. Still, I enjoyed it and I now see why so many m/m fans LOVE Ava March's books. The lady can write romance! I couldn't help but wondering how well a similar ending in an m/f historical romance would go over. My guess, not well! Cavin ends up working for Ben as domestic help, his Cook, while Ben continued to socialize around the Ton. These two will never be equals of course, but employee/employer seemed a lot to mix with an HEA. Still, Cavin does get a much better life, and they have each other, which is probably the best to expect given the historical time period of this story. But I couldn't help but wonder how well fans would balk at a similar ending if it was in an m/f historical romances. Thank God times have changed, and everyone gets a chance at a better HEA these days.