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Gambler's Woman - Jayne Ann Krentz, Stephanie James This was such a bizarre story - and not in a good way. It was down right awful. The hero was such a jerk that I kept waiting for her to get the restraining order and kick him and his dominating angry temper to the curb. But nooooooo, this brilliant modern woman must like the abuse - despite her desire for a good decent loving man. This book implies that he is a good man, but the story never shows it. And within a matter of days she turns her entire life upside down to be in this sick codependent relationship. I realize JAK is a popular author, but this early book of hers is not a great place to start if you want to read a book by her. They fall in love, but you never know why. He's emotionally abusive to the point of serial-killer scary, but she finds him charming. Ugh. She desperately wants a promotion, and then on whim (or what feels like a whim) she changes her tune completely. It's a bizarre awful book. Not my cuppa.