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Legally Yours - Manda Collins This was ~80 pages of pure fun and sexy m/f hotness. Loved it.

(((Blow job lessons, anyone? LOL)))

Julie is about to turn 30 in two weeks so she decided to create a bucket-list of things to do before that big day. She spent the last six years raising her little sister and putting her own personal life on hold, but now that her sister is off to college all that is about to change.

Matt had a huge crush on Julie back in college, but before he could make his move Julie dropped out to raise her little sister after their parents were killed. Seeing her again at the law firm in Birmingham, Alabama (where he is on a short assignment), stirs up old desires.

The attraction and chemistry between Matt and Julie was hot and fun to read. When he discovers her list, he is more than happy to help. I loved the way they went about checking things off her list, it made me look forward to the next chapters!

Matt and Julie made a great couple, and I enjoyed their romance both in and out of bed. While they could burn up the sheets, their friendly chemistry with each other was just as fun to read. I loved the way he could tease Julie and make her putty in his hands.

“Of course, we’re not technically working for the same firm, so I think an argument could be made that a consensual relationship wouldn’t break any laws. At least not any corporate ones.”

He leaned into her, licking her ear lobe. “I can’t promise anything about Alabama laws, though. There are definitely some things the state frowns on that I wouldn’t mind doing with you, sugar. To you, even.”

This story reminded me of some of my favorite contemporary romance authors (Toni Blake, Erin McCarthy, Jill Shalvis...) Cheeky humor, hot sex, quirky but very likable characters...etc. I haven't read anything by Manda Collins before, but now I want to check out her other books. I look forward to more in this Legal series too.

Note: Manda contacted me and asked if I'd like a copy of her new self published novella, which I was happy to get as I've been wanting to try one of her books. She's been a Goodreads friend of mine for several years and recently became a published author with St. Martin's Press. My review was purely optional, but after reading this I had to gush about it. I'm very impressed.