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Born in Ice - Nora Roberts Loved it! This is the second in the series, but it could easily be read as a stand alone (enough back story is given.) This is a simple and very romantic story of a young Irish woman, Brianna, who runs her own B&B in a remote area of Ireland. In the dead of winter, she takes on an extended guest -- a famous author, Grayson, who plans to stay a few months and write his next novel. He quickly becomes enchanted by her and involved in the lives of those in the village. It was such a beautiful love story, and I welled up with happy tears towards the end. I can see why this book is considered one of her best, and it is listed as a top 100 on the AAR website (likebooks.com). For those who like their romance with some steam, the sensuality and passion between hero/heroine was paletable. Plenty of beautiful bedroom scenes, not overly graphic but very sensual. Grayson was an amazing hero and Brianna was so likable. I can't find one negative thing to say about this one.