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About Last Night - Ruthie Knox 3.5 - 4 stars.
Talk about opposites!  Wealthy British banker Neville Chamberlain (named after a past Prime Minister), comes from a family steeped in money and is related to royalty.  He has a solid career working in the family’s bank, which is currently ran by his dear old mum and his oldest brother, and now he has a chance for a huge promotion – if only he would marry and take the role of ‘family man’ more seriously. 

In contrast, there is Mary Catherine, aka Cath. She is an American working odd jobs at a museum, broke, no family, and completely unsure of her life’s plan. She created a lot of trouble for herself as a youth during a long rebellious phase, and suffered some hard tragedies as well.  She now sports six very unique tattoos to remind her of her past follies, and is determined not to make emotional and rash decisions again which would certainly lead to more awful and irrefutable mistakes.

After two years of no mistakes, Cath’s life has taken on a new level of mundaneness and boredom.  If not for her job at the museum and her passion for knitting, she would have no life at all.  When Cath’s boss manipulates her into a blind date situation, she warily agrees. What follows is a disastrous evening out – and thus makes up the title to the book “About Last Night”. 

When Cath wakes up the next morning in a strange room – and a strange bed! – she finds herself in the home of the hot guy she sees regularly at the train station.   But how did she get there?  As the night before finally starts to come into focus, Neville lays down the charm. Since she has already broken her two year streak, what would one more day hurt? 

Their romance begins as a short fling, but there is a strong connection between them.  Neville desperately wants to see more of her, but there is the nagging situation where his mother and brother are pushing him to get married.  Simply put, Cath would never fit in.   What unfolds is a cat-and-mouse chase kind of romance, with Cath agreeing to a physical relationship on her terms only, and Neville doing whatever he can to convince her that they are more than just hot sex.

my thoughts:
This was a frothy and sexy romance, perfect for a light and naughty beach read. I especially loved the England setting and a British banker as a hero. Great chemistry between them. I'm not the biggest fan of beta-heroes and heroines who seem to create problems that might not really be there, but I can go with it when its written as well as this one.   

Overall, I really enjoyed the romance and had fun reading about these two, including the fairly hot sex scenes. (Side note: OH BOY did she turn up the heat in this book! Her debut Ride With Me was a steamy read, but this had a lot more sizzle!)

 The emotional aspect of this book never gets too deep, which works well. As I said, it is a frothy romance. It is based around some fun moments but also some obviously contrived moments as well.

The ending will require a fairly BIG stretch of your beliefs, but I find that to be true in most contemporary romances and I still enjoy them anyway. There were a few parts of the ending that I did struggle with, and therefore I could only give this gem of a book 4-stars.  WARNING - MAJOR SPOILER ABOUT THE ENDING!!

So what were the really big stretches?

First, we are supposed to believe that Cath, a low-level temporary assistant at a museum starving for cash, all of a sudden has the influence needed to convince them to reject a 100,000 pound donation!  In return, this broke girl with no direction in life has convinced the museum management that her hair-brain plan to earn the same amount of money within a few week period would be a better option for them!  ??   Then, of course, said ‘hair brain idea’ is a massive and wild success.  Cath is now becoming famous around London because she knitted a sexy cowboy outfit! ?? A lot of WTFery toward the end, but it does work.   

 But that is just one of the really big stretches you have to buy into.  The other one was equally as hard to swallow.  We are also supposed to believe that Neville is capable of painting SIX masterpieces, all identical replicas of Cath’s Tattoos, within a three-week period. 

This is why I said the frothy tone of this book worked well for the story.  As hard as it is to believe these situations could or would ever happen, the lightness and cuteness of the book actually made these absurd events work.  It really did end up as a fun read.

This was a fun read, and I love Ruthie Knox's writing voice quite a bit. If your in the mood for a light humorous romance and can suspend some disbelief, this is a great book to try.

Note: I won this arc in a contest, so thank you very much Ruthie for making it available early to some of your many fans!