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Fillies and Females - Bev Pettersen I love this author and will certainly read more from her, but this was not the romance suspense balance I enjoy. This story is much more focused on the mystery of race horses suddenly not qualifying for major races, and less on the romance between Dino, the horse trainer, and Becky, a dedicated nurse to a billionaire horse owner.

The mystery was also predictible, and I felt it portrayed Becky as a bit clueless when so much happens in front of her yet she never puts the pieces together nor informs Dino until things are too late. It was a stretch to believe she was put in the position of being Martha's eyes and ears at the track, but I liked her chemistry with Dino so I could easily just go with it.

I did enjoy this as a romance, just wish there were more. If you are interested in the sport of horse racing, I think you'll enjoy this one quite bit. There is a lot of information about racing, which I also found interesting.