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Surrender (MacKinnon’s Rangers,  #1) - Pamela Clare ! Just as awesome the second time!! I first read this book several years ago and it blew me away, and so far this series (and the author’s other books) have not disappointed. SURRENDER is one of those books that leave you utterly breathless when you finish the last page. The H/h are up against incredible odds, the risks they face monumental, and the passion burns white HOT. With Connor’s story finally coming out next month, I am re-reading the first two (SURRENDER and UNTAMED) in anticipation.

SURRENDER is the story of Iain MacKinnion and Lady Anne Campbell (Annie). This is an emotionally gripping story set in the rugged American frontier between 1775 and 1778 when American land was being fought over by the British and French, both sides using Indian scouts to aid their war efforts. I cheered for the MacKinnions and Annie, cried at the loss of their comrades, wanted to scream at Lord William Wentworth, and wished a painful death on her uncle.

British commander, Lord William Wentworth, spied the MacKinnion brothers rescue a whore from an abusive customer. Admiring their quick speed and great strength he enlists Lieutenant Cooke to learn more about them. In need of ruthless scouts familiar with the territory to help aid the war efforts against the French, Wentworth sees the MacKinnion’s as the answer he has been looking for.

Framed for a murder he didn’t commit by the cold and conniving Wentworth, Iain MacKinnion faces two choices: the gallows or lead a group of Rangers against the French until the war ends. His brothers Connor and Morgan agree to join and fight with him so Iain will avoid the trumped up charges, but this life or death decision now means he will sacrifice much. His dreams of marrying Jeannie, a local farmers girl, and raising a family of his own is no longer a viable option.

Three years later Lady Anne Campbell of Scotland spies her uncle kill her mother. When she tried to escape his clutches, he finds her and brands her inner thigh with the letter “T” for thief, then allows her to be wrongly accused and exported to America where she became a slave with a 14-year indenture.

After three months of servitude, her new American homestead is ambushed by the enemies – French soldiers and their Indian scouts. In a wild attempt to escape, this brave girl fights desperately to get away by running barefoot through the snowy woods. Six Indians are trying to capture her, with rape and torture imminent. Iain spies this helpless girl and desperately wants to help, but strict orders require that he remain still and do nothing to aid the girl. He is on a scouting mission and cannot risk being exposed to the enemies, or their mission will be blown and many more lives will be in danger.

After rescuing her despite the great risk, they face days of hard survival in the wilderness as they try to stay one step ahead of their enemies. When they do make it to safety, he faces severe punishment while she faces exposure as a thief. Desperate to start a fresh life, she changes her name and embellishes a story of how she came to live in America. But her secret isn’t as safe she hoped, and Iain will need to fight to protect and keep from losing her.

Sigh!!! I loved re-reading this story! It is such a fantastic American historical romance, the kind of read that is hard to put down. If you like heroes that are brave warriors with a Scotish brogue, heroines who are smart and will risk all her man, stories that are gripping and believable (no big misunderstandings or brain-stretching!), and smoldering tension with some smoking HOT sex scenes, this is a MUST READ.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from Surrender.

“You’d tempt a saint, lass. But I am no’ a saint.”

Annie gasped and covered her breasts with her arms.….“Y-you ought no’ be watchin’.”

“You ought no’ be naked.”

His rage broke like the tide against the shore, and before he could think, he pulled her hard against him, held her, stroked her hair. “You foolish, brave woman! Why do you no’ obey me?”

“What the bloody hell is he doin’?” Connor asked from somewhere behind them.

Morgan answered. “I think he’s punishin’ her.”

“If he tries this on the men, they’ll mutiny.”

Connor turned to Morgan. “Tell me, brother, do you think it’s the quality of the farmer’s seed and the strength of his spade that make the crop, or is it the richness of the field he’s plowin’?”

Morgan and Joseph broke into laughter. Then Morgan answered. “Surely, ’tis a bit of both, though in this case, I’d have to say I’ve seen our brother’s spade, and it’s no’ so strong nor so big as mine—”

“Nor mine,” Connor added.

“—so it must be a fine field he’s been plowin’, a fine field, indeed.”

Then he passed the flask on to Connor, who had an impressive black eye and a row of stitches on his cheek. “You look bonnie.”

“And you.” Connor grinned, raised the flask, and drank.

“’Tis clear out of the three of us whose face God favors most.” Morgan took the flask back, his smile flashing white in the gloaming. “Not a scratch.”

Connor gave a snort. “I think the Almighty confused your face for your arse and wanted you to be able to sit.”