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Divorced, Desperate and Delicious - Christie Craig This book was so much fun to read. It's a sizzling romantic comedy about a woman who's dog discovers an injured man in her backyard. He (Chase) is a cop that just escaped the bad guy, but who is also being framed as a bad guy. You know from page 1 who the bad guy really is, but its quite a mystery as to how they will prove it.

Meanwhile, these two spend many days and hours confined together in her remote home near a lake, which creates a great deal of witty dialog and steamy scenes as they go about trying to prove him innocent. There are a lot of secondary characters that were great.

Fans of authors such as Rachel Gibson, (who like their stories funny but with depth to them), should enjoy this book. This is NOT a fluff book or a book that is all about sex (but it is steamy!) This has a real strongly developed story that showcases a very interesting couple on the journey to falling in love. A yummy book.