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Overseas - Beatriz Williams I didn't have a clue what to expect when I started listening to this as an audio book, but the narration was so good and the story so compelling, I really didn't care what it was about. I was GLUED, and I wanted to know more.

Overseas is a time-travel story told through the POV of the heroine Kate Wilson. It moves back and forth between modern day and 1916 France, and unravels the mystery of just how and why Captain Julian Ashford is now living in today's world.

The story unfolds bit-by-bit, and for the first half of the book it begs more questions than it answers! But about halfway I started to see the bigger picture and could begin to understand the complexity of their tangled lives.

The romance between Kate and Julian was original and so enjoyable, I loved them as a couple. Julian was a man from his time, so his sense of honor and chivalrous behavior made him an endearing hero. Kate got on my nerves at time, and I wish she didn't wallow so much in her belief that Julian wanted to change her into a trophy wife.

The time travel aspect was interesting, although it had a pretty weak explanation but I guess I would think any would be implausible.

The story was the best part, but the romance was pretty good too. It got very sugary sweet at the end, almost nauseatingly so, which brought my rating down to a 4-star. The steam factor is low in the sense of 'fade to black', but if you count all the endless cooing and wooing they do you might consider it a bit more sexual.

I thought the narrator (January LaVoy) was wonderful, so I would highly recommend this as an audio listen if you are interested in this story.