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Willow Springs (Destiny, #5) - Toni Blake 2.5 stars. :-( I'm bummed! I wanted better for Logan and Amy's story. They were life long friends, and I normally love a friends to lover storyline, but I didn't buy this romance. It was sudden, confusing, and not all that romantic of a story.

After a drunken kiss between these two, Logan and Amy suddenly start to develop romantic feelings after years of being just friends. Unfortunately half the story is of them analyzing and fretting over their changing feelings. (I had hoped for some unrequited love by at least one of them, but nope.)

The romantic development between them happens later in the book. We first have to read through Logan chasing another woman (the 'friend from his past'), while Amy is spinning her wheels wondering how she is ever going to confess her feelings to him. And when things FINALLY do heat up, their romance development wasn't all that heart melting or convincing.

Logan was inconsiderate and clueless, Amy wishy-washy, and the 'friend from the past' an unlikable bitch. We get very little POV from Logan, which left me wondering what he was thinking/feeling through much of the book. The romance ran cold to luke warm far too long. Logan wallows over a tragedy, which was a touching storyline, but it made him look like a quitter. At times Amy came acrossed as desperate. The steam factor got turned way down too.

Sadly, not a hit like the other books in this series. I love the series and can't wait for more, but I guess they can't all be winners. However, the rest of the book was pretty good, if you just want to catch up with the town folks.